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How Prepared Are Your Students For Life?

I have read a lot of visions that schools have for their students and some of them are quite outstanding, while some, not so much. However, one thing is clear. Every school desires to groom their students to be admirable citizens of society. Most desire that their students become leaders in various spheres of society and believe me, it is a great vision. One quick question though, how exactly are you

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achieving these goals? Students will leave the four walls of the classroom and face life independently. How well has your school curriculum and activities help to mould these students for life outside school.

I am Onome Onwah, a literacy development Coach. I have one desire and mission and it keeps me up all day. I desire to help children and young people to know, use and master the art of writing, reading and speaking for social and intellectual development. A child/youth who is intellectually sound can contribute positively to Social, Economic and Cultural development in the country or anywhere the child finds himself.

How I started the Journey in Reading.

I had started to learn to cultivate the habit of reading from my early days in the university and I was doing that by buying a book every month. I was learning to understand my reading habits and work with people to help me be better because I knew I needed it. However, something significant happened that has propelled me in chasing this vision passionately.

So, here I was in the University, sitting in class and I realised that I was just lost. The Lecturers were talking well above my head and I was just staring. However, I noticed that some of my other colleagues were catching on faster than I was. So I studied them intently and there was one lady in particular that caught my eye. There was practically no book the lecturer mentioned that she had not read. I got inquisitive. I asked her how she had read a book that was written far back in 1870. She laughed and said her father had a big library and that from the age of seven her father had exposed her to most classics. She had read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, she had read Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and the list goes on. I opened my mouth in shock! No wonder the she was able to comprehend far better than I did. In fact, her essays were spot on! She wrote as though she was a professor. I was eager to read her essays every time. I also must say that her presentations were simply awesome and she possessed a good command of English. And every time she contributed in a discussion, she was simply brilliant. So I asked her to mentor me in reading. Also, I had to make up my mind to be a better reader. Truth be told, I had been working on this for a while but meeting her, pushed me to be better. My journey so far in developing the reading culture is one of the reasons why I can help people read better because once upon a time, I struggled with reading.

Well, My presentations improved tremendously. I realised that I got better in writing and there are places I should never have been to that I have gone to because I had read. In one scenario I can’t forget, the fact that I had read a book when I was asked got me into a training that cost a lot of money. In fact, I was part of the lucky few that got selected and didn’t have to pay a dime because I had read a book. When I did my presentation during that training, the assessments were all the same “I love her command of English.” Of Course, I was thrilled! I have been asked to give presentations in so many places ever since.

Some Quick Questions For You. 

  • Do you desire to have students who are erudite scholars?
  • Do you desire to have students who can process information easily and communicate ideas with brilliance?
  • Do you want to rise above just being a school that constantly pours out students who just follow in the norm or do you desire to contribute to society by giving them the necessary tools they need to be agents of social transformation?
  • Do you want your students to be lifelong readers and not just school leavers?
  • How deep is your passion to have your students contribute creatively through writing for social, economic and cultural enhancements?
If you desire all of these, we can partner with you to bring these desires to fruition. Note, we can work with any school whether primary or secondary. These are the things we do:
  • Readers’ Club: A readers’ club simply is the gathering of people who love to read or want to develop the love for reading to share ideas and opinions about books. The readers club functions with each member of the group reading a unanimously chosen book. We use this as an avenue to help struggling readers and also foster a deep love for books among the students.
  • Teachers’ Training and Development: We also work with teachers as literacy development coaches to help develop the students to be better in writing and in speaking. It is a collaborative effort to ensure that teachers can get the best out of the students.
  • Write Right: This is a training and grooming session for the students to develop their writing skills.
  • Speak Out: This is to train participants on public speaking, voice range/pitch, gestures etc. With this, we are developing in them confidence in speaking and imbibing in them the skills for speaking.
  • Consultancy: We help proffer solutions to literacy problems in schools with collaborative efforts with teachers. Also, we help in the establishment and running of the school library.

Also, we will work with the school to ensure that participants/students publish a short story collection. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

So, if you need us, please sign up and we will contact you with necessary information about the various plans we have. You can send a mail to academy@onomeonwah.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

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