Where I’d Rather be than School- Emmanuel Igobah

The TTA Readers’ Club is currently reading the biography of Obafemi Awolowo and while reading about this celebrated nationalist, we took time to examine his childhood and how life treated him as a young man so we could glean from him. One of the things that we noticed was that at some point, Obafemi Awolowo didn’t like school because of some things he wasn’t comfortable with.

So I asked the kids, Is there anywhere you would rather be than school? I got very interesting responses. So I asked them to write and I decided to publish this by Emmanuel Igobah (10 years old)- A very interesting boy, I must add. However, this made me think about a lot. One of which is, how can our schools be run effectively that they are not an everyday nightmare for kids? Trust me, I also know students  can be lazy but it doesn’t mean we can’t critically look at how schools can be fun places for teaching and learning. So here is Emmanuel’s write up which is hardly edited.


There are places you can be rather than school but where I would rather be than school is home where we have constant light and I can go anywhere I want. I can play games and play with friends. I want to be home rather than school because school is boring, the punishments they give, the way they flog students and breaks are too short (like all the three breaks are in one hour).

At home there won’t be any flogging, any punishments and compulsory reading of books.  Most of all, the number of assignments they give us in a day are many. During Midterm breaks we have sixteen assignments which is all the subjects we do in school. Also, the stress one has to do in order to do the assignments is so much. If we are asked to draw  and what we are asked to draw is not in our note or textbook, we have to go to the internet and check for it. That’s why I’d rather be home having fun, going to the museum, theatre, etc. But this can’t happen because without education, you can’t be anything in life.

Emmanuel echoed most of what most of the kids said during readers’ club meeting and I took time to address the issues with them. I was glad Emmanuel concluded the way he did in his write up because he understood the value of education which is one of the cardinal things that Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo stood for. We concluded that Obafemi Awolowo didn’t understand much as at the time he refused to go to school but he later put in every effort to ensure he got the best education.

We also took note of how blessed we are to go to school without the stress of paying our way through by ourselves and the need to appreciate parents who do all it takes to ensure we get the best of education. We spoke again of the value of reading and how it can change our lives and guess what, they are eager to read about another Legend. They told me they wanted to read about Nnamdi Azikiwe. I was so glad and excited that they are seeing the need to value their education and that they acknowledged that they had learnt so much from Obafemi Awolowo.

This is why we do what we do at Treasured Thoughts Academy. It is not just reading but we teach reading to change the lives of kids, get them to have better perspectives to matters and erase wrong beliefs in their hearts. We instill morals and improve on the kids cognitive and analytical skills. You would be amazed at how these kids perceive the characters in books. Guess what? It is fun learning too. Don’t be shocked when I tell you that these kids see themselves in these characters and point out strengths and weaknesses. But hey, that’s what you get from reading.

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