What if…?

Nigeria is celebrating 58 years already. When I think about this and how far we have come and how far behind we still are, I am filled with many questions. There are so many things wrong and yet, we still hope that we will get them right somehow, someday. But if we can answer some of these questions on my mind, maybe we would do better quickly.

What if we choose responsibility and diligence in what we do? If every Nigerian in all spheres of life chooses to be responsible in handling their jobs and be diligent in their chosen career path, positive change would not be hard to come by. 

What if our teachers see every child as their child and invest their time genuinely in teaching and grooming them? Teachers seem to forget their relevance and importance in writing down the narrative of our nation because a nation that wants to get it right must get education right.

What if our teachers begin to re-enact the curriculum to suit the needs of their students even though our government has refused to change or remodel our curriculum. Can we be creative about what we have and introduce our students to a whole new world of learning?

What if as a country, we begin to prioritize education by spending more to train and equip our teachers so that they can be more equipped to build the future leaders of our nation?

What if we fully maximize technology in our classrooms and begin to ensure that we build a generation of leaders that can maximize technology to proffer solutions and move Nigeria forward? The world is deep into technology and we can’t afford to be behind anymore if we must compete with other global economies. It is sad that some schools cannot boast of at least a computer let alone other technological teaching resources.

What if we choose to read and educate our minds rather than feed our minds with junks and irrelevant matters? If Nigerians will take education beyond the four walls of the classroom and make education more personal by reading beyond prescribed textbooks to reading about what matters and use books to open their minds to solutions, problems will begin to fade.

What if we decide to always do what is right even when we are surrounded by wrongs? Can we choose right even when it hurts over the lies that come with temporary ease and long time pain? Click To Tweet Can we as Nigerians deliberately shun lies and join hands to promote truth? Can our media houses and journalists defy the trendy lies and choose to trend the truth only?

What if, what if… What if everyone that reads this decides to take action and chooses to be better. What if you choose to be the needed change in your community, workplace and family? What if we all take responsibility for our nation? Our promised land wouldn’t be so far anymore.

Happy Independence Nigeria!

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