Time Out with Treasured Thoughts Kids.

Christmas is in the air and we decided to have a little fun especially since it would be the last club meeting for the year. We decided to relax and reward ourselves and it was fun. We had a get together where we said what we liked about ourselves and what we liked about each other. It is necessary for us to appreciate ourselves and that was the whole point.


The reader’s club has read two books (Robin Hood and His Merry Men and Jack and the Wardrobe), studied a poem and has had sessions for creative writing. It has been a great time and what was the best part for me apart from the spelling bee competition and the quiz competition (which ended in a tie), was when the kids spoke of what they had learnt so far and how much Treasured Thoughts had influenced their reading habits. I think that was when I knew certainly that I was doing what I was called and destined to do. The Spelling Bee made me realize that their spellings had improved and the quiz competition which was centered around Robin Hood and His Merry Men made me also see that the children read the book in detail and understood the book well.

Treasured Kids
Treasured Thoughts Reader’s Club

We also had the award session where winners of the competition were rewarded. Also, there was the essay competition for the best writer which all participants wrote on the topic, Why I want to be what I want to be. Hope Wisdom, 12 years old, won the award and we had series of other awards for the most punctual, well behaved, most expressive etc.  We also had Mr Steve Eruotor- Pat; an author who believes also in the power of books grace the occasion, present the awards to the winners and have fun with us.

Mr Steve Eruotor- Pat presenting the prize for best writer, Hope Wisdom.

I am sure that if priorities are placed right, our children will soar academically and improve intellectually. Reading is not something we can push aside but we must place it as a priority for every child and everyone. At Treasured Thoughts, we believe in the power of reading to transform lives. Our Reader’s Club is to help stimulate in the hearts of children/young people, a deep desire for books even beyond the classroom. Let us know if you need us by sending an email to academy@onomeonwah.org. This is us wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.


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