Time out with Royalty Initiative on April 21, 2016.

Royalty Initiative is a non-governmental organisation that preaches a very deep and profound message which is this- Every Child is Royalty. A lot of times, many children have an erroneous belief that the status quo of their parents will determine how far they will go in life especially when their parents do not have the resources to take them to private schools or the very big schools.

Royalty Initiative goes round many government schools to preach the message of hope that every child can be whoever and whatever he/she chooses to be. Royalty Initiative also has a counselling arm where issues with young students are carefully examined and proper counsel is given so that such student makes the right choice.

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One of such programmes was organised in Ikosi-Isheri Local government where the students of that area were gathered at the local government to listen to people tell them about how they can pursue their dreams and fulfil purpose. As founder of Treasured Thoughts Academy, I was also asked to give a brief speech on the need for effective reading.

Talking to young minds about the need to read so they can own the future is a very fulfilling task and I sincerely appreciate the founder of Royalty Initiative for the opportunity to talk with these awesome students. I therefore implore you to do your bit in improving the quality of lives that our students live by giving them the necessary push to do what is right.

Reading is an effective tool that can engage their minds and expand their thinking. Never underestimate the power of a book!

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