The Pages of the Book you don’t Read!

Let me start by saying welcome to the year 2017. I am so glad you made it. Last year is over and done with. It is not time to brood over past mistakes but to learn from them and ensure that we do not make the same mistakes again. I sincerely believe that this year will be better. Don’t throw away hope. I also want to encourage you to make this year a better one by improving your reading. Dare to buy more books this year and learn more.

However, I would just want to tell you that there are some pages in books that people tend to ignore, gloss over or just skim through without necessarily seeing the need to pay attention to them. What makes it funny is that these pages are the pages you see when you open the book. They constitute the first five or more pages. So let me ask? When last did you read the preface, foreword or introduction of a book? These are written in almost every book and I will tell you their importance.

The Foreword is usually written by someone else not the author. The person writes this to give credibility to the book and most times the foreword is to tell you why it is important for people to read the book. The person who writes the foreword is usually someone who knows well about the subject matter of the book or  knows the author well enough to recommend that the book be read. I read forewords of books to ascertain credibility. In fact, I can buy a book because I respect or know the person who wrote the foreword. Many times, we skip this page but it is important in also determining if you seriously need the content in the book. Oh, the foreword is also always signed.

The  Preface is written by the author this time. A preface can tell me why I should read the book or not. You know why? The preface is for me to understand why the author wrote the book in the first place. I need to know that the author is truly passionate about the subject he has chosen to discuss. The preface if not well written can show an ill-equipped author or if well written can tell me I would have a good time reading the rest of the book.

The Introduction for me is like an appetizer. It shows in a larger scope what the book has been able to accomplish and what should be expected. This can be written by the author or someone else. By the time the reader is done reading the introduction, he/she should practically be jumping to the chapter one of the book because a thirst for more must be created.

Though for fictions, we have the prologue which is to get the reader ready for the action in the rest of the book and also keeps you in suspense. This is key for me because, If I don’t get that thrill and excitement after reading the prologue, I just might not buy the novel. Writers take note! Be sure to ensure your preliminary pages are beautifully written and scripted.

It is however sad, that writers do not know the value of these pages and then they wonder why no one buys their books. However, some readers just look at the cover of the book and buy and are very disappointed with their purchase. If you would take some time to read through these seemingly ‘unimportant’ pages, you would buy better books. When next you go to the bookstore, be sure to look out for these things. If you are an aspiring author be sure to take note that your first five pages can make or mar your book. Happy new year once again!

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