Reading Beyond the Classroom.

If you wake me up at anytime to talk about reading, it would be my pleasure because it has become a part of me. My friend knows this and invited me to speak at the Royalty Initiative Conference tagged “What’s your Dream?” I coined a topic from that and it was “Reading: A pathway to achieving your dreams”. Up until that point of preparation, I had never thought of it much that reading is very instrumental to achieving one’s goals and aspirations.

Well, I know that you ought to go to school, read and pass exams then you keep going ahead but really, I have realized that reading is taught more and perceived more to be a school activity. Anytime, anyone talks about reading one’s books especially to students, it is more about reading to pass and I must say it is important. Reading is seen then a mere path that one must take just to get ahead in life

Telling it as it is. "Reading is a pathway to achieving your dreams"
Telling it as it is. “Reading is a pathway to achieving your dreams”

or in school. The kind of reading I spoke of at the conference was not the restrictive kind of reading. I talked about how reading beyond the four walls of a classroom can ignite sparks in you that will launch you forward. These were the reasons I gave for reading beyond the classroom:

  • You gain more insights from those who might have walked the path you are about to take.
  • You get to understand how life works through the lens of other experienced people.
  • Reading helps you discover yourself more because it has away of exposing you to your own self.
  • You may even discover that you are not dreaming big enough when you expose your mind to knowledge.

Reading can be exciting if we apply the proper methods to teaching it. Reading is beyond the classroom. Reading is an art and a skill. If we must build our nation, we must build readers who are exposed to knowledge beyond the classroom. We must build people to sharpen their analytical and cognitive skills through reading and become solution providers.

This is what we do at Treasured Thoughts Academy. We teach reading beyond the classroom. We desire that we build readers that will last long after they have finished school. Unfortunately, our school system does not accommodate this type of teaching or does not pay enough attention to it. If you own or administer a school and you need our services especially in hosting your book clubs, please contact us:

We will be glad to help you!

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