Looking Back in Gratitude and Looking Forward in Hope.

2018 was quite a year wasn’t it? We have fought some battles; won some and lost some but in it all, we are thankful that we made it. Treasured Thoughts Academy has had a good year with its ups and downs but in it all, we have recorded outstanding victories. We are so grateful to you for your constant support and encouragement. We are grateful that parents, teachers, school owners have entrusted us with the opportunity to help mould young readers. We do not take this for granted.

In the course of the year, our weekly Readers’ Club held and our annual Book Summer event was successful. We also had our Teens Book Hangout which we tagged, Books and Pizza Hangout. It was fun all the way. To all members of TTA, thanks for being part of our success stories in 2018.

We are optimistic of a better 2019 because we have not only entrusted all our activities to God’s hands but we are also making concrete plans to do better and be better. To you our readers, we implore you to go beyond making resolutions to actually taking concrete actions to achieve your goals. Many times, we get discouraged when we don’t achieve what we want to achieve but it is important that when that happens, we go back and re-strategize and look for other ways to do better.

One of our resolutions and goal is to help you read better. We want to ensure that in 2019, you grow in leaps and bounds in your reading, speaking and writing. Therefore, if you are interested in our help, do send a mail to academy@onomeonwah.org. We will show you practical steps on how you can become better in reading, writing and speaking this year.

We are also preparing for another event in April which details will be given shortly but be rest assured that it will be mind blowing. We want to work with you or your school in ensuring that you have readers who will be transformative leaders in our society. Just one look at the society and you know that we are in need of deep transformation. We also promise more Book Reviews on the blog. Please share this site with your friends because it will be filled with more exciting things to read about.

2019 promises to be a great year. Do all you can to make the best of it. Look back in gratitude and keep hope alive. Your best is yet to come. Welcome 2019!

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