Let’s Start Reading!

‘Read’? That’s the word many don’t want to hear. Believe me when I say that reading is quite a task yet a beautiful task when done with a right heart. I dare to say that reading is a fun task with immense benefits. Our society is quite a difficult one and a lot of things are going down the drain. Reading is a culture that is fast dying and one mission I have is to revive it. First, before you stop reading this, I want to tell you why it is important that we begin to pick up our books again.

During my youth service year, I had to interact with young graduates which was quite an experience. However I got burdened after various conversations. I have observed that it is increasingly becoming difficult to have intelligent conversations because most people are either finding it difficult to string sentences together or who do not understand one’s choice of words so when one says a ‘strange’ word, one hears exclamations like ‘ehn?’, ‘come again’, ‘I did not hear you’ etc., you know the rest.

As I interacted with the students I taught in my place of primary assignment, I realised that asking them to read aloud showed how difficult it was for some to pronounce some words or read with meaning. I started by blaming the teachers and parents but after much thought, I began to educate them on how important it was for them to get into the reading habit. The advantages are numerous and I hope that the posts on this blog will stir you up to read.

One thing that reading has done for me is to expand my vision and creativity. When most people write their CV’s they also include their ability to be creative. As interesting as that might sound, many people are unable to think outside the box. Employers want workers who can think beyond the box. Stereotypic thinking is giving way for dynamism and creativity. Books, good books will help you achieve that. Every book has what I call treasures of wisdom that you might not learn from everyday experiences.

However, I do understand that the environment is quite a difficult one especially if you live in Lagos. We hustle and bustle everyday coupled with terrible traffic and overbearing employers leading to mental stress. It is also important to also let you know that reading helps reduce mental stress. Sometimes you need a good story to pull you out of the stress and pressure. All you might need is to go through life with a beautifully crafted character in a novel that will cause you to also rise above your challenge. This is my mission. I want to help you find pleasure in books.

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My commitment to those who will follow this blog is to transform you into an avid reader. I want to help you surmount the challenges that have not allowed you read as much as you should. Through reviews of various books, I hope to water your appetite to grab your own copy. Not just to help you be a better reader, but to be a better writer and speaker too. It is amazing how well your vocabulary can expand when you read widely and broadly.

They say readers are leaders, well, a friend once told me that not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers. Knowledge earns you respect. People want to listen to intelligence. The world is growing from sensationalism to intellectualism. It is not about how sensational you can be but how well, the knowledge you have acquired can create a sensational, lasting and profound impact on your listeners and readers (if you are a writer).

So let me help you become a better you and you will not regret it. I look forward to this amazing journey with you through the pages of beautiful books.

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