Dear Teacher…

I write to tell you how valued you are and how important you are. The children you teach may not say it enough, your employers may never say it and even the society may not applaud your efforts enough. I write to tell you what you do not often hear. YOU ARE VALUED AND IMPORTANT. The world celebrates you on the 5th of October every year but once a year is not enough to let you know that your place in the society is key to its development. However, we must remind ourselves of some certain things.

Our job is not one to be taken lightly. We are like mini gods to our students because they see us as ‘know-it-all’. Hence, we are favoured by God to have the role of mentoring these kids and putting them in the right paths. Our job is so peculiar that one error may mar a child’s life or one good act may change the child’s life for the better. We can’t afford to be nonchalant. Our job does not neglect minute details. It is a job that is characterized by firmness, discipline and honesty.

We are the ones that help the children see who they really are and what they can be. We are their cheerleaders urging them to push boundaries and overcome the obstacles. We are firm in ensuring that the wrong remains wrong and the right is always right. We do not have time for frivolities because our job caters to lives. We are purposeful, driven and committed. Our job is reported in every home every evening. Hence, our profession is most monitored and supervised. Sometimes, our patience is tested, yet we must be calm and endure it because the prize is far glorious than the pain.

A child who is able to contribute to society positively, think independently and show moral uprightness is our prize and that far outweighs monetary rewards.

Hence, we strive. We work those lesson plans diligently. We take into consideration every student’s needs and plan for every single one of them. We stay up late at night planning classroom activities and extra-curricula activities but we don’t mind.

We are teachers and teaching is not just what we do, it is our life, our commitment, our mandate.

Sincerely yours,

A Committed Teacher.

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