Book Summer! A Summer with a Difference.

It’s Happening Soon!

Well, I am very pleased to announce our first book summer programme coming up in July. The Programme is geared towards fostering the love for reading in the hearts of young people though we are restricting this to those within the ages of 13-16 for the sake of uniformity and focus. The event will span through four saturdays in July (8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th) by 9am-11am. It promises to be an exciting time because each day is loaded with fun activities and sessions that will be handled by people with passion for reading and varying levels of expertise. The Programme will include: 

  • “Books Unleashed”. This would be a very expository session that will open their eyes to the world of books. It will let them know the immense beauty of books and why it is important to read. They get to know how to develop good reading habits, how to choose books and even review them. Also, we would have a facilitator who will share her journey in the world of books and how it has helped her reach her goals.
  • Character building. This session will teach on how books can develop our character. It would be interactive as we will be using the book we will be reading for the summer to learn various characters and behaviours we can imbibe to be better in our daily interactions. Also, group discussions, presentations and games will be part of the programme.
  • Create and Write: A facilitator who is an author will handle a session tagged “The Budding Writer” (You will know who our facilitators are shortly as we will run profiles of them on our facebook page This will be a session they are exposed to the necessary skills for writing. After this session, we will put a notice out for them to write a short story. The best writer will have his story published on our website. Furthermore, they will learn how writing can also fetch them income.
  • Book Shopping:  It will be a visit to a bookstore where they will buy books for themselves. Please, parents should not give less than a thousand naira for this outing so they can buy something tangible. Let me stop here and let them find out the rest when they enroll. It won’t be a dull experience.

Participants will also be awarded with certificate of participation. However, we have slots for only thirty people (30). Please fill the form to reserve a space. However, space will be lost if payment is not made in 24 hours.

Please note that the venue will be at the conference room, Upper Room Baptist Church, 2a, Davies street, off Demurin street, Alapere, Ketu, Lagos. Payment of two thousand five hundred Naira (N2,500) should be made to ACCESS BANK, ONWAH ONOME, 0008153971. Please fill the form here if interested: 

See you there!

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