Book Shopping!

Our Book Summer event has been a fantastic experience. The participants have been taught on how to build the reading culture, sustain the habit and be good writers. They have heard a lot especially from seasoned authors who gave their time to open their eyes to the world of books. Now that they have heard and learnt, it was time for them to show commitment by buying their own books. It was time for them to show that they indeed want to be readers. For these teenagers, most of them were novices. Some maybe walked past book shops without taking a second glance. But things have changed. They saved up and bought great books. 

This is what this event has been all about. It is the goal of Treasured Thoughts Academy to foster the love of reading among children and young people. It is important that the young generation picks up this habit which is necessary for self development and translates to national and intellectual growth. Rather than spend money on frivolities, it is important to invest in books. The knowledge you have is yours. Like we say in academic parlance, your knowledge is your intellectual property.

If you want something, commit your money to it too. It is amazing how some people want to read but won’t spend a penny buying at least a book. Books are expensive but there is always something you can afford which is what I taught the teens. In fact they bought books for as low as two hundred naira. Reading is an investment that pays off. The cost of ignorance is deadly. 

We want to use this medium to appreciate Bible Wonderland and Book City Ventures for accepting us. They made the experience worthwhile by familiarizing us with books, giving discounts for every purchase made and even gave refreshments. We are grateful that you see this vision and have supported it wholeheartedly.

We have more programmes lined up and coming up soon. If you want to be first to know of these events, please sign up here to receive necessary information.


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