A Little Push on the Inside.

People are motivated by a lot of things. Some are motivated by people around them or situations and some are motivated from the inside. Theirs is more intrinsic than it is extrinsic. I have counselled some people on how reading can change their lives and what I see is an immediate response to be better at reading but such changes are not long term which is really my goal. I desire to make people lifetime readers. So, what happened to all my motivational talks on the benefits of reading? Why did this person just bask in the euphoria for two weeks and is back to his old self?

I have come to understand that to be a lifetime reader, motivation must be intrinsic. Why? Lets first understand what I mean by intrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is based on internal factors and the reward of accomplishing such tasks is in the fact that is actually done. It is based on internal factors such as curiosity, self-determination and effort. Intrinsic motivation results in persistence which is the hallmark of a good reader.  A college student who derives more satisfaction knowing that he worked hard at studying to get an A would always keep getting A’s irrespective of different circumstances especially when you compare him with a student who strives for an A when there is an external reward attached to it. He will only be interested in that A when he knows that there just might be an extra allowance for the month. My point? Until you get to the point where you pick up a book just out of curiosity, need, desire and determination, you are a bit far from becoming an avid reader. Sometimes, I just read because I have grown to see it as necessary. My motivation is knowing that the knowledge I gain, I gain for myself and probably for the benefit of others. It is on my inside. 

Reading has numerous benefits and many people know this but what they lack is the intrinsic motivation to actually keep at it. People have to motivate themselves on the inside. I think that the rewards of reading which most times may not be as tangible as people want it is one reason why internal motivation is a problem. The reward of reading is a continuous build of knowledge that always come in handy in our walk in life. They are intangible but translates itself to tangible benefits which a lot of people do not have the patience to achieve. A sentence can change your whole perspective of life. Reading is never an exercise in futility. Click To Tweet

However, until you work up some little motivation on the inside of you, you will never hit the mark in your journey of reading. You just get tired along the way. While I am not ruling out extrinsic motivation which basically includes incentives that await the completion of a task, I am advocating for a deeper and more meaningful desire that will spring up from the inside and will push you to read even when there are no tangible incentives. But believe me, a little push on the inside will take you farther.

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