A bit of organisation…

Terry was constantly unable to finish any activity she started. She would pick up her laptop and start something and just won’t finish it. This was causing her to lag behind in achieving her goals and this was worrisome. She had to seek counsel from her friend. Anna was one she could rely on. She called Anna one morning to tell her of her woes. “Anna, I just can’t get anything done on time or finish a task. It has become so bad that my company has placed me on probation.” She let out a cry of desperation.

Anna listened to her friend and tried to calm her down. “Terry, you will need to get organised. Just a look at your house and it shows how disorganised you can be. You should learn to have a schedule and ensure you stick with it.” Anna was being serious and Terry knew it. “Get your apartment cleaned!” Anna was her friend and had her best interest at heart. “I better get to it then.” Terry said with a smile.

So dear booklover, you can’t seem to concentrate on a book or you can’t finish one? It is as though your reading is quite problematic and quite an ordeal. I have been there. I used to have my books all scattered around that as soon as I picked one up, I was seeing another on the floor or my bedside that intrigued me and I would drop what I was reading previously. Reading just went in circles without me achieving anything.

You can overcome this by learning to organise your books. Organising your books helps you organise your reading and also helps you come up with a system for reading. You can start by categorizing your shelf. A shelf space can be for autobiographies, business books, fiction, motivational books etc. You can decide to go through each shelf space by picking a book from each shelf space for every month/week depending on your speed.

Write down all the books you have in your possession. Make sure you keep records of all your books and all those who borrow from you. In recording your books, be consistent and diligent about it. Details of your books should be recorded such as the year you got the book, the author’s name, the publisher, book condition etc. You will be amazed when all these come in handy. It would also be good to have a reader’s log where you record the books you have read. This helps you keep track of your reading progress.

The bottomline is that an organised library, helps organise your reading and helps make it more productive. You must do all within you to ensure that your library gets good care after all, they are your treasures.

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