Book Club

Hurray! Treasured Thoughts has launched her Teens Book Club which is our platform to engage teenagers in active reading. Asides, the fun we will be having during our hangout meetings, our teens will be publishing their writings, book reviews, poetry, articles and lots more on our site. Also, during our hangout meeting, we will be having guest readers come read with us. The Teens Book Club has a whatsapp platform which will be used for online meetings and book discussions.

If you want to be a member of the Treasured Teens Book Club, you need to fill this form and register with N1,000. This payment excludes those who participated in the just concluded Book Summer for which they are automatic members. Payment can be made to Onome Onwah, Access Bank, 0008153971. Please payment narration should be the name of the teen/BookClub e.g Tobi Duncan/BookClub

Our next Book Club meeting will hold during the Book Summer 2019 event. Register here