The Essay Clinic

I have become more aware of the challenges students are having with writing essays and writing in general. As a teacher, I have seen this first hand and I have coached students privately and helped them write better. Some of the challenges that students have in writing are;

  • How to arrange their thoughts cohesively.
  • How to use language effectively to express their thoughts.
  • Vocabulary gaps and deficiencies.
  • Structuring their essays to answer specific questions and meet the examiner’s target/objective.
  • Mechanical accuracy and overall tidiness in writing.

It is to this end that I have started online classes for teaching effective essay writing. In this clinic, students will learn how to;

  • Use language to express themselves.
  • Manage time in writing essay questions during exams.
  • Structure their essays to meet specific targets and answer questions. properly.
  • Achieve tidiness in writing.
  • Arrange thoughts Cohesively.
  • Write intelligently for national and international exams.
  • Avoid common mistakes when writing
  • Write interesting essays that won’t bore your examiner
  • How to score high marks in your essays
  • How to use sentences, tenses, references in your essays

Though it is targeted at students, it is not restricted to students. Anyone who needs a writing intervention can be a part of this. My course outline is structured to teach a wide range of people.

Subsequently, I will be having more classes to help students and anyone who needs a writing intervention. The first class has just been concluded and another will commence soon. Even before the commencement of another class, I will be posting writing tips and basic notes to help your writing.

So that you are kept abreast of my forthcoming classes and blog posts, so that you get notifications of my classes and notes. Scroll down and subscribe. Thank you!

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