Selecting a Good Book

Your first book is key to setting you off in the journey. That is why I would advise you take these carefully laid out steps that have helped me in selecting good books.

Look inwards and ask yourself the subject you would want to read about. If you would want to start with a novel, what would you like to read about? Romance, thrillers, crime, fantasy etc. If that is difficult to answer, what kind of movies do you watch?

If you love thrillers, then it would mean that you can enjoy a thriller novel that would give you goosebumps.

Research is also key. If you have zeroed in on thrillers, then ask around about the best of thriller writers. Go online and find out those writers that make the buzz when you talk of thriller novels.

Read about authors and their books. Find out what the story line is about. Is it something you can enjoy?

Read reviews about the various books you have randomly selected and zero in on the one that has the best reviews.

Talk to readers about it. Readers who have been reading for a long time can tell you a lot about authors, their style of writing and stories. It is also good if the reader you speak with is your friend. He/she should be able to tell you which you might enjoy since they know your person very well.

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After all of these has been done, go to a book store and pick what you have chosen after your research. It is a good idea to know what book you intend to buy before going into the bookstore to avoid confusions and indecisions because I have been in a bookstore for close to three hours just trying to select books. If after all of these steps listed, you still don’t have a book in mind, go to a book store and talk with the book seller about the specifications you want in a book. I have done that a lot of times and book sellers have led me to great books.

If you have followed all of these steps and still have issues, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help you make tremendous progress in your reading journey.

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