Read and Thrive Series Kicks off in October!

I am so excited to finally launch this initiative. The common mantra that readers are leaders is not just a mantra I want to recite. It can be a lived experience. I have seen doors open to people who have been able to use their knowledge capacity to get what what they want. Knowledge is built on what you gather as information.

The goal for setting up the For Adults Only Book Club was not just to push the agenda of the importance of reading across all ages but to bring together people from all works of life to share knowledge and become part of a vibrant community. Books have that immense power: they connect you to people, connect you to yourself and bring the society closer to you -immediate environment and distant lands- so that wherever you turn, you are definitely not alone.

The Business and Career Hut as the name signifies will bring us together to talk about how we can be better at whatever we have chosen to do. If you have ever lived in a hut, the hut is a symbol of community, roots and family. The environment that the Business and Career Hut is set to create is one where we can interact as a family with a shared interest of becoming better.

The world is moving at jet-speed. We can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. Now, the world belongs to those that are armed with information and are equipped to use that information. This and many more is what the Business and Career Hut is set to achieve.

To be a part, click here. It would be an honour to have you as a part of our community!

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