Killing You Softly…

Yolo! BTW! LOL! LWKMD! LMAO! ASAP! IDK! SMH! These are the new additions to the English Language and is increasingly becoming popularly used especially among young people. We cannot completely rule them out as not important in language use. Slangs are used especially within social circles and add spice and colour to social communications. There is however a source of concern with the use of slangs especially as the world of social media expands and everyone goes with the flow and finds it as a simpler and cheaper means of communication. Slangs according to some people is a creative use of language and has a tint of universality. However, what many do not know is that slangs kills your English softly without you realising it.

A professor raised this at a gathering when he said that examination answers are now saddled with slangs. Slangs when not used in appropriate circles or functions can have devastating effects on your English. It lessens your vocabulary and literally shrinks them. It affects your writing skills more than you can ever imagine because when you get too used to them, you find it difficult not to use them in writing. You constantly misspell words and that can have a devastating effect on official reports and examination scores.

While we should appreciate the evolving nature of language because some words go extinct and new ones are formed, we must be careful not to get lost in it that the traditional fundamentals are lost. Especially for the young adolescents who are still trying to set their path in academics, it is important to let them know that constant use of slangs can damage their vocabulary which is key to intellectual development. Reading constantly is a remedy to losing one’s vocabulary that is why it should be encouraged. Reading is key to vocabulary building.

Furthermore, slangs have a way of showing lack of seriousness when the user can’t say less than four words or a sentence without using a slang. It has a way of telling your reader or listener that you are not serious with what you are saying and shows shallowness. While we appreciate slangs whether in written or spoken forms, we must be careful not to overuse them and be careful that it does not shrink our vocabulary and if you realise that you are deeply into its use, it might be important you stop totally till you get yourself back together. It is killing you softly…

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