How to Achieve your Reading Goals in 2020.

Can you believe that 2019 is almost over? One of the things we all should be doing is taking an inward assessment of how we have fared this year. What have you done better and what do you aim towards in the coming year? People are beginning to take stock of the year and I believe that looking back sometimes helps us as we approach the future.

Some of us made plans to read better in 2019 and for various reasons, we have not met up with the goals we set up for ourselves. Don’t be discouraged. 2020 is a promising year and we can achieve a whole lot more. I will discuss the ways in which you can achieve your reading goals.

  1. Be disciplined: This is the foundation that will guarantee continued growth in reading. Discipline could be in the form of putting off your phone for an hour so you can read, turning off the TV or taking some alone time just so you can read.
  2. Buddy Read: Read along with a friend who you know is a better reader and can hold you accountable. This has helped me personally and I believe it can help you too.
  3. Join a Book Club and be committed to it: Don’t just be a member that sits idly by. Make sure you participate. Being in the company of other readers helps a lot.
  4. Give no room for excuses: Now this for me is very important. Stop excusing your inadequacies and do your best to achieve your set goals. Excuses make you see reason with failure and that should not be your plan for 2020.
  5. Maximize Time: Readers are good time managers because they always structure their day to accommodate time for reading. When scheduling your activities for the day, schedule a time for reading!
  6. Keep a Book Journal: Record your books as you read. Write about the lessons in the book, things you learnt, changed and re-learnt. Write about the changes you want to make after reading a book. Keeping a journal helps you monitor your progress.

If you can put this to practice, your reading lifestyle is going to take a new turn for the better! 2020, we are coming with a bang!

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