How Reading Became My Lifestyle.

I wasn’t born with a natural flair for reading. As a matter of fact, I considered reading as a burden and would not be too bothered about it. Probably my nature and temperament would not even encourage reading because sitting still for a while or having to concentrate on one thing for a while wasn’t something I really liked. I just would skim through books or watch a movie. That is a whole lot easier.

Well, I failed my exams or let me say passed averagely and then the reality of my problem began to hit me. Moreso, I remember reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and that book triggered a spark in me for reading that I really can’t explain. Well, I got into the University to study English and I thought, ‘Well, English is not much of a big deal, I got this’. Actually, I wasn’t getting it, didn’t get it until my second year when I knew I had to READ!

So, I had really cool friends, yeah? I was always feeling out of place because they were so good. The way they talked about issues and their sentences moved so smoothly like waves on a calm ocean (you’ve got to like that line there!) that I always felt I spoke like a cracked disc. I began to study them closely and realised that they were readers and not just readers, but avid readers. I had to ask them to help me and that was how reading started for me and I mean reading in the very sense of the word.

I started buying a book every month and made a personal commitment to read them. It was hard at the beginning but I knew that I desired to be better than I was mentally and in all spheres. I wasn’t ashamed to ask for the help I knew I desperately needed. This is where I would start giving all the advice I think you might need. First, seek help if you know you need it. Since, you are reading this, I believe you are already going to get help. I started keeping bookish friends and I knew I had to keep up! They kept me on my toes. They were nice enough to help me even times when I slacked a little.

Secondly, commit to reading. I was and am still committed to reading. I even recommit myself to it often because sometimes my pace slows down or I allow other distractions come in. If you don’t commit to building this lifestyle, you won’t record any improvement. Reading has to be built constantly and consistently. You have to know deep in your mind that this is what you want to do.

Thirdly, schedule your reading. I started reading early in the mornings and then just before I go to bed at night. I had to do it! I did this because I knew that my days could be very busy and I would not have time to do any significant reading during the day. It became a lifestyle for me and those times I had scheduled had little or no interference so it made concentration easier.

I invest a lot in books and by that I mean, financially and time also. Because it is a huge investment for me, I would not let it go to waste so I had to read them. LOL. Spend a bit of money buying books and you would start reading them.

Please, books are not decorative items but they are treasures of wisdom that must be ingested for our mental growth.

Onome onwah

If I could read even though it was not on my top favourite things to do, I believe everyone can read, well… if they commit to it. It is September already. Commit to one book this month for a start.

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