Ease the Loneliness, Get Cosy with a Book.

The world is definitely in uncharted waters. Many have not seen a crisis of this magnitude in their lifetime. The world is practically on a stand still and it is easy to feel the stress that comes with it. For those on the front lines it is the physical and mental stress that comes with it. For those whose businesses have been affected, there is a financial stress that they are battling with. Let’s make the list short, everyone is stressed.

I can’t say anyone has come up with a holistic solution but the messages passed by the medical community and government has been that we all stay home and maintain proper hygiene and social distancing. This is still strange for many who have practically built their lives around outdoor activities. While the downsides of this is very evident, it is the way we can flatten the curve of this growing pandemic. So, please listen to instructions and stay home.

Well, it is also a time to gain knowledge. It is a time to sit with yourself and reexamine your goals and priorities. It is also a time to read. Many people complain that they are unable to read because they don’t have the time, well… I think you have some time on your hands now. Books give us a pathway to escape the mental stress that has come with the current situation. Reading takes our minds of some of the tragedies that flood our television screens and helps us see someone else’s life and for some few hours be a part of that life. As we follow that character’s journey, we also take an introspective journey into our own lives and we learn about who we are.

So, here are some book suggestions for you. You can order on Amazon or whatever online platform suits you and I can assure you, you will enjoy them.

A powerful book by Nigerian author, Chika Unigwe that takes you on a journey with some Nigerian girls who seek for a better life outside the Nigeria but find out that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Powerfully written by Glendy Vanderah! This is a story of Jo, who discovers a young girl at her doorstep and the girl insists she isn’t from earth. This leads to so many events unfolding that changes both their lives.

“[Hosseini’s] most assured and emotionally gripping story yet . . . Hosseini’s narrative gifts have deepened over the years. . . . [And the Mountains Echoed] grapples with many of the same themes that crisscross his early novels: the relationship between parents and children, and the ways the past can haunt the present. And it shares a similar penchant for mapping terrain midway between the boldly colored world of fable and the more shadowy, shaded world of realism…”

—Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times
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Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani writes a wonderful book about a young man who is upright and devout but tired of poverty and when the troubles become too much for him to bear, he joins his uncle in fraud popularly known in Nigeria as 419 or Yahoo-Yahoo. Funny, witty and most of all packed with lessons.

Hopefully, this pandemic ends soon and things will return to the way they were or like I believe we will be better than we were. Learn something new and make the best of this period. Live. Love. Eat. Read. Ciao!

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