An Interview with Favour Olasupo

  1. Please tell us your name.

My name is Favour Anuoluwayimika Olasupo.

2. Tell us a little about yourself

Oh well, I’m a student studying Education Fine And Applied Art in OAU Ile Ife, Osun state.  I enjoy taking pictures and swimming. I’m an ambivert and I think a lot.

3. What is that one dream that keeps you going?

Seeing myself as an under 30CEO on the front cover of the Forbes magazine.

4. What’s the most memorable book you have read?

Let’s see… I have read quite a number of books but my most memorable was Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers.

5. How has the club been of help to you?

Treasured Teens Book Club has helped me in broadening my point of view about so many things and it has also challenged me as a person.

6. If you were to recommend the club to a friend, what do you think they would gain?

They would gain a family that is bound by books.

7. What is your favourite book genre?


8. Do you have a favourite author? If yes, what’s the name?

Yes. Francine Rivers.

9. What are your hobbies and why do you enjoy them?

Lol. If I start telling you what my hobbies are and why… we won’t leave here but let me sum it up to- I love being outside with earplugs in my ears or with a one thousand and something paged book in my hands or a paintbrush squeezed in between my lips looking for how to bring art to life.

10. Who is the influential person in your life?

My father.

11. In what ways have reading books helped you?

It has expanded my vocabulary and my knowledge on so many things.

12. If everyone would read a book you recommended, what book would you recommend?

Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

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