About Us

Treasured Thoughts Academy is a literacy development organisation set out to revive the reading culture amongst children and young people in Nigeria. The culture of reading is fast losing relevance amongst children and young people and this of course is due to very numerous reasons. Though, one major reason is the availability of so many distractions that their presence makes it almost impossible to carry out a task such as reading which needs maximum concentration if it is to be of any relevance or achieve its aim of imparting knowledge.

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This goal was born out of a desire not just to solve a fundamental problem of reading resulting into the lack of scholarship amongst young people, but on how to correct the effects that lack of reading has brought to the younger generation. These effects are poor writing and speaking skills. The Christian Bible admonishes that there is nothing that can be done if the foundation is destroyed. This simple statement cuts across every sphere of life as it is impossible to build a house on a poor foundation with an expectation that it won’t collapse.

Treasured Thoughts Academy is geared towards building a solid foundation for young people by educating them on reading as a healthy foundation to building a good life. We seek to re-direct the children and young people to the importance of reading as a foundation on which they can become good writers and speakers at the same time. Treasured Thoughts Academy also teaches on the numerous advantages that reading can bring and how children and young people can surmount the challenges they face in the journey of becoming avid readers. Our sessions are very practical and would use every means necessary to build young scholars and intellectuals by actively engaging them in reading.

What distinguishes us is fundamentally the passion we have to redirect children and young people to books but we also teach reading in its practical sense. We teach skills necessary for reading and how it can be maximised in writing and speaking. The lessons are such that they are beyond classroom experiences as it would be very interactive and engaging.

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About The Director

PP 1My name is Onome Aruoriwo Onwah. I am an avid reader who enjoys teaching and helping young people find their footing academically and in life generally. Well, my desire to pursue this goal of grooming readers, writers and speakers stems from my interaction with children and young adults who despite their academic growth, the area of literacy has still not been sharpened well enough which I attribute to the lack of well-grounded literacy coaches in most schools.

My academic background in English language and Literature both at undergraduate and post graduate level has equipped me to handle this particular aspect. Well, I do a lot of singing too. I love interacting with people. You can say I am quite social. I do a lot of speaking and consulting for those who are interested in literacy development.

Simply put, I want to get people reading again. I want to get people writing excellently and talking fluently and correctly. I must add, I am a Christian and very in love with Jesus. He is at the centre of it all.