5 Ways to Maximize Time for Reading.

Most times when I interact with people who are interested in reading but are unable to really get into it, what they tell me most of the time is that they don’t have time. When they tell me their schedule, it would seem like they don’t have time but usually I am able to point out some minutes of their day that they can maximize for reading. Some of them might try and make changes, others don’t. This shows me more and more that people like the idea of reading than reading in itself. Many people like it when you tell them that you like to read, admire you for it, see the need for it and never really get to it.

So, if you really want to get your reading together in spite of your busy schedule, then I am writing this just for you.

  1. Maximize your mornings: So I started reading early in the mornings before my busy day begins. It can be for as little as thirty minutes and I get up and prepare for my day. Early morning reading, I realize makes me focused and has a way of waking my mind and it can be very refreshing.
  2. Maximize traffic/public transportation: I believe it is not all the time you are the one driving. You could be on the passenger seat and that is an avenue to read. If you are driving then audiobooks are not a bad idea. While in the public bus or taxi, you can do some reading even if it might require the use of ear plugs to block the noise.
  3. Maximize Lunch hours: Some organisations give as much as an hour for lunch breaks. I don’t think you use all sixty minutes to eat. You can spend about twenty minutes for lunch and use the remaining time to read.
  4. Maximize Saturdays and Sundays: Saturdays and Sundays can be busy too but I am sure it may not be as busy as weekdays. Even if it is an hour you can squeeze out, make sure you do so.
  5. Maximize Bedtime: I personally read before I go to bed. Squeeze myself under my covers and cozy up with a good book. It is the greatest feeling ever! It can be for as little as thirty minutes but when it is a good book, you might do more than thirty minutes.

Try these and tell me if your reading lifestyle doesn’t change! If you have questions leave them in the comment section! I will do my best to answer them.

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