Book Shopping!

Our Book Summer event has been a fantastic experience. The participants have been taught on how to build the reading culture, sustain the habit and be good writers. They have heard a lot especially from seasoned authors who gave their time to open their eyes to the world of books. Now that they have heard and learnt, it was time for them to show commitment by buying their own books. It was time for them to show that they indeed want to be readers. For these teenagers, most of them were novices. Some maybe walked past book shops without taking a second glance. But things have changed. They saved up and bought great books.  This is what this event has been

All About Book Summer 2017!

It rained and poured on the first day we were to start the book summer programme yet it was as though the rain was sent to colour the event. It was indeed a great way to start. The programme started with a welcome address from the founder of Treasured Thoughts Academy and Miss Glory Maduagwu, Founder of Royalty Initiative (an organisation that promotes literacy also) began the main event by getting the teens into the ‘book mood’ though with a lot of fun. It was quite exciting to hear them tell the the books they had read and also the books that they should have read and they had not read. Miss Glory accurately pointed them to the truth that

Book Summer! A Summer with a Difference.

It’s Happening Soon! Well, I am very pleased to announce our first book summer programme coming up in July. The Programme is geared towards fostering the love for reading in the hearts of young people though we are restricting this to those within the ages of 13-16 for the sake of uniformity and focus. The event will span through four saturdays in July (8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th) by 9am-11am. It promises to be an exciting time because each day is loaded with fun activities and sessions that will be handled by people with passion for reading and varying levels of expertise. The Programme will include:  “Books Unleashed”. This would be a very expository session that will open their eyes

A Little Push on the Inside.

People are motivated by a lot of things. Some are motivated by people around them or situations and some are motivated from the inside. Theirs is more intrinsic than it is extrinsic. I have counselled some people on how reading can change their lives and what I see is an immediate response to be better at reading but such changes are not long term which is really my goal. I desire to make people lifetime readers. So, what happened to all my motivational talks on the benefits of reading? Why did this person just bask in the euphoria for two weeks and is back to his old self? I have come to understand that to be a lifetime reader, motivation

Getting Your Child to Love Reading.

There is no parent who doesn’t want the best for his/her child. The world is so competitive that there is a constant desire that our children are able to meet intellectual demands of school and the society generally. I am writing this because in the past months a lot of parents have been asking me one question. “How do I get my child to read? He doesn’t just like to read”. When they say this, there is a lot of concern and worry on their faces. I want to help you overcome that challenge if you are in the category of these parents. I want to say also that reading may not be the hobby of the child as a

Killing You Softly…

Yolo! BTW! LOL! LWKMD! LMAO! ASAP! IDK! SMH! These are the new additions to the English Language and is increasingly becoming popularly used especially among young people. We cannot completely rule them out as not important in language use. Slangs are used especially within social circles and add spice and colour to social communications. There is however a source of concern with the use of slangs especially as the world of social media expands and everyone goes with the flow and finds it as a simpler and cheaper means of communication. Slangs according to some people is a creative use of language and has a tint of universality. However, what many do not know is that slangs kills your English

Freedom in Chains: A Review of Emecheta’s “The Slave Girl”.

This Post is a Tribute to Florence Onyebuchi Emecheta (21 July 1944 – 25 January 2017). If this story were told to me under the full gaze of the moon, it would be a beautiful experience. The novel written in 1977, is intricately woven around the Igbo tradition in Nigeria and saddled with rich Igbo imagery and language. Though Emecheta is conscious of her non-Igbo readers and tries to cater for them by explaining some concepts and words. More hilarious are the pronunciations she tries to capture e.g. ‘Felenza’ which in English is Influenza.  More of these kind of Igbo-English words are seen in the book which would definitely put a smile on your face as you read. The book

The Pages of the Book you don’t Read!

Let me start by saying welcome to the year 2017. I am so glad you made it. Last year is over and done with. It is not time to brood over past mistakes but to learn from them and ensure that we do not make the same mistakes again. I sincerely believe that this year will be better. Don’t throw away hope. I also want to encourage you to make this year a better one by improving your reading. Dare to buy more books this year and learn more. However, I would just want to tell you that there are some pages in books that people tend to ignore, gloss over or just skim through without necessarily seeing the need to

Time Out with Treasured Thoughts Kids.

Christmas is in the air and we decided to have a little fun especially since it would be the last club meeting for the year. We decided to relax and reward ourselves and it was fun. We had a get together where we said what we liked about ourselves and what we liked about each other. It is necessary for us to appreciate ourselves and that was the whole point. The reader’s club has read two books (Robin Hood and His Merry Men and Jack and the Wardrobe), studied a poem and has had sessions for creative writing. It has been a great time and what was the best part for me apart from the spelling bee competition and the